3 Signs of Pain in Pets

Signs of Pain in PetsNo one likes seeing their pet in pain, but your pet is very good at hiding their pain. How do you know that you need to act and come in to see us?


Even if your pet is usually very skittish blatant aggression is a surefire sign that your pet is in a lot of pain. If they snap, bite, or come after you when they usually don’t, that’s an indicator that they need to come and see our veterinarians in Slidell, LA, as soon as possible.


Animals that are in pain may also shake violently because of their pain and their fear. Usually, they’re unaware as to why they are in pain and can therefore start to lash out and grow violent when in pain. This shaking should be a clear sign of distress. If you see your pet shaking, you should bring them in to see us as soon as possible.

Flattened Ears

Ears pinned back is a classic sign of something seriously wrong with your pet. Usually, it’s a sign of aggression, but it can also be an indicator of pain or an unpleasant feeling.

The signs of pain in your pets are pretty consistent across species, aggression, shaking, and flattened ears are all obvious signs of potential pain. If your pet may seem like they’re in pain, bring them in to see us at your earliest convenience.

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